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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Post Holiday Purchases - First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit are a band  that I am more familiar with than Turin Brakes
I have copies of the Drunken Trees EP and their second album The Lion's Roar on the shelves.
So I was pretty chuffed to stumble across  a copy of their last album from 2014  Stay Gold
Perhaps a wee bit more mainstream that its predecessors  which is maybe not surprising given that they are now on a major label namely Columbia.
Nevertheless the Swedish sisters Klara  and Johanna S√∂derberg  continue to impress with their indie/Americana sound.
I read that they have a new album Ruins scheduled for release in January.

First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

First Aid Kit - A Long Time Ago


  1. That Silver Lining track is rather splendid. I'm thinking I might have to seek this album out And after listening to the second track I haven't changed my mind.

  2. I have the same EP and albums as yourself. A great female duo. They have a new song on Youtube - "It's a Shame" off their upcoming album 'Ruins'. THere's a great live version of that song here:

  3. Any First Aid Kit release has to rank as an excellent charity shop find - it's hard to believe that someone would choose to dispatch something this good. Their new single 'It's a Shame' is tremendous too and bodes well for 'Ruins'.

  4. Top find, as The Swede says. My favourite album of... whatever year it was released in.

  5. They came up to the North of Scotland this summer for our local festival - They just keep on turning up on people's blogs and for someone like me who is finding it hard to keep up with anything remotely new or contemporary, they have been a great new find. Thanks for sharing.