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Sunday 22 October 2017


Some whimsical and flighty English folk music for your Sunday morning courtesy of Kirsty McGee and her 2002 debut album Honeysuckle.
Each year when on holiday we usually take the occasional punt on someone we have never heard of and this year Kirsty fell into that category.
The fact that the album features such luminaries as Clive Gregson and Boo Hewerdine probably helped.
On the Fellside Recordings label from Workington.
Pleasant stuff which you would be happy to stumble upon in a pub or folk club.
The album is available free to download on Bandcamp for those of you who are taken with this.

Kirsty McGee - Rich

Kirsty McGee - Wild Garlic


  1. THis is one of your readers who will not be going over to Bandcamp for his free download.

  2. This new to me but I like it very much. Thank you for introducing me to her CC

  3. As you say, very pleasant tracks indeed. I've just added them to my wants list.