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Wednesday 11 October 2017

Writer's Block

Writer's Block  -the scourge of the blogging community.
Who better then to turn to than the wonderful Swedish trio of Peter, Bjorn and John with their 2006 album of that name on V2 Scandinavia/Wichita
That'll be Peter Morén  on vocals and guitar, Bjorn Yttling on bass and John Eriksson on drums and percussion.
The lady accompanying Peter on the second number is none other than Victoria Bergsman of Concretes fame.
Obviously big in Pitlochry as that's where it was purchased.

Peter Bjorn and John - Objects of my Affection

Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks


  1. I saw the Concretes a couple of times. They were a highly entertaining shambles the first time and there must have been about 20 of them on the King Tuts stage.

  2. 'Young Folks' was absolutely everywhere for most of 2006/7 wasn't it? It was the quintessential earworm. And now it's back in my brain again all these years later, (*purses lips and starts to whistle), so thanks for that CC! The video for the song is brilliant too.

  3. I loved Young Folks when I first heard it - really different and joyful - and then B&Q went and used it for their TV ad and seem to have stuck with it ever since, reckon PB&J must've signed some dodgy contract that allowed it to be used ad infinitum, probably for a pittance!

  4. I bought this album (for a pound I think) after The Swede rambled on about it a few months ago.

    1. Not guilty George - although I am going to dig it out for a spin now, so it might yet turn up over at my place!