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Monday 30 October 2017

Post Holiday Purchases - Turin Brakes

After the holidays I returned three CDs to a local charity shop, 2 duffers and a doubler, Turns out I already had If The Oceans Get Rough by Willie Mason..I knew I had a couple of his but wasn't sure if this was one of them.It was.
As you would expect when I handed three in I ended up coming away with three new ones.
Turin Brakes are one of the many bands that I have heard of but have not really heard. The only thing of theirs I was familiar with was an excellent cover of the Rolling Stones song Midnight Mile which I have on a compilation and which I have featured here before.
I decided to take a punt on The Optimist LP which is their debut album from 2001. It was a good punt in that the album is very good indeed.
Further exploration  required I feel.

Turin Brakes - Emergency 72

Turin Brakes - Starship


  1. I almost forgot how good they were. Thanks for bringing them back to my mind CC

  2. You know how sometimes there's one track by a band that you don't normally take any interest in, but you hear one song and for whatever reason it just stays with you, out there on its own? First played to me long ago by one of my friends who sadly died last year, Turin Brakes' 'Fishing For A Dream' is one of those for me. It just does all the right things!