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Sunday 29 October 2017

This is Radio Bob

I'm Walking, one of the Fats Domino tracks featured in Wednesday was taken from a terrific Uncut Compilation Radio Bob -Another 17 brilliant tracks taken from Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour.Volume 2 
Note to self - must track down Volume 1

Theme Time Radio Hour was a satellite radio show hosted by Bob Dylan which ran from May 2006 to April 2009.An eclectic mix of songs  on a weekly theme featured  showing that Bob has excellent taste. It also showed his fine sense of humour and a nice line in  self deprecation .

While  the CD was down from the shelves I  took the opportunity to give it a listen and what a belter it is.
I could have chosen any of the 17 songs. Obviously Fats has featured before as have the featured songs by George Jones and Johnny Burnette.
However, as I'm sure you will all agree these three are not too shabby.

Faron Young - Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

LaVern Baker - Soul On Fire

Webb Pierce - Drifting Texas Sand


  1. That LaVern Baker track is absolutely tremendous

  2. Bob is certainly knowledgeable when it comes to vintage American music, CC. You've picked three winning selections - can't wait to see what you come up with over the coming weeks.

  3. It is that George and was used to great effect in one of the most disturbing scenes in Angel Heart "Well you know what they say. It's always a bad ass that makes a girl's heart beat faster. Wanna dance."

  4. Clear evidence that Sir Bob ought to trade in his Nobel Peace Prize for a radio mic and get back to some serious jocking.