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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Here Be Monsters

Back to the holiday purchases today - but don't worry we are nearing the end.
I've never been quite sure what to make of Ed Harcourt.
Is he one of those bland acoustic type artists such as James Blunt or is there something more about him?
I had a promo copy of From Every Sphere for a while (which I think I have only played the once) and picked up his Mercury nominated 2001 debut Here Be Monsters  for 50p in Pitlochry.
I must admit that even after a couple of listens I'm still not quite sure.
However, I think there may be something about it that would be worthwhile persevering with as I like that he is prepared to get a wee bit noisy on occasions.

Ed Harcourt - God Protect Your Soul

Ed Harcourt -Wind Through the Trees


  1. The first track is not bad at all. The second is a bit too ponderously plinky plonky on the piano and dreary for me to listen to it all the way through

  2. I'm with you CC. I've never quite known where I stand with Ed Harcourt's music. Some of it I enjoy, some of it sounds disappointingly dull to these ears. My favourite tune of his is 'I've Become Misguided'.

  3. The Swede took the words from my mouth. I've heard some cracking stuff from him, but never a whole album's worth.

  4. Blunt-esque. There can be no more damning a description of a male singer.

    See also Toploader-esque for bands.