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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Beach Boys

Pictured above is your humble author anxiously pacing the beach in Dornoch seeking inspiration for future posts.
Fortunately help was close at hand in the nearby Highland Hospice charity shop.
I came away with Uncut's Best of 2004 Reissues Volume 2.
Some excellent stuff on there including Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Go-Betweens, Gun Club and Pavement to name but a few
However I've gone for Bangkok a solo number from the great Alex Chilton.
From one great artist to another. Here is Eddie Hinton possibly the owner of the greatest white Soul voice. Actually, there is no possibly about it.

Alex Chilton - Bangkok

Eddie Hinton - Help Me To Make It (Power of a Woman's Love)


  1. Is that you dressed in typical scottish-sea-side attire - jeans, thick padded jacket and bunnet?

  2. Nae bunnet
    Was windy but not cold

  3. The lineup on the CD is none too shabby. Great pic - any more to come?

  4. Hinton really does have one of the great "blue-eyed soul" voices, CC.

  5. Looked up this CD. I wouldn't have passed on this one either. Love the photo. My kind of place.

  6. Hadn't heard of either of these artists but glad you came away with something of quality from your trip.

    As for the pic, one of my favourite beaches and one we visit often but yes as George says, typical Scottish seaside attire!

  7. Great golf course at Dornoch. Genuinely great golf course.