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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Covered By Cash - Desperado

What the Dickens is going on here! Despite almost universal love for the legend that is Johnny Cash he has been on the wrong end of another whooping. Week 1 - 10-3 to Kris Kristofferson  and Week 2 9-3 to Tom Petty.
So the score so far is Cash 0 The Rest 2.
I suspect that this week the balance may well be redressed in that I have gone for a band that are pretty much loathed by the musos ,
Desperado is a song from the album of the same name from 1973 by the Eagles. One of their most famous songs but surprisingly it was never a single.
Johnny's version comes from American IV:The Man Comes Around.
Is it the dulcet tones of Don Henley or the smooth baritone of Johnny Cash?
Somewhat controversially I'm going for the Eagles this week, I actually quite like some of their stuff including this one.

Others (and I suspect  there may be a few), may choose to disagree.
Next week a compare and contrast submitted by the great Ernie Goggins

Johnny Cash - Desperado

Eagles - Desperado


  1. He is being trounced isn't he. Fortunately for me I'm not a muso, so don't have to worry about such things - It's the Eagles sublime version of Desperado for me this week.

  2. The Eagles this week. Just because they were at the hight of their writing in these days

  3. I loathe the Eagles. So Cash.

  4. I'll vote for The Eagles, although there are several tracks on that album which are better than "Desperado". The Man In Black's take on "Bitter Creek" and "Doolin-Dalton" would have been worth hearing.

  5. At last I can ease my conscience and put a big resounding tick in the box marked Johnny Cash.

  6. Cash. And shouldn't that score be Cash 0 The Rest 2?

  7. Tricky. Generally I'm with the musos when it comes to the Eagles, but I have always quite liked this one. I'll give it to Johnny as I feel he can speak to desperadoes with more authority.

  8. Definitely JC for me this week. Nothing to do with musoness (musocity? musodom?!) simply that the Eagles one just sounds so overblown and up its own serious bottom.

  9. I love Johnny Cash. Love him. Love him. Love him. And this is an amazing version. But I'm voting against him once more, even though The Dude told me not too.

  10. The Eagles. Is this where weve got to?
    It's like Sid died for nothing?!?!
    Swiss Adam

  11. I've been amazed since joining the blogging community at just how much vitriol there is out there for the Eagles! If you arrived from a strange land, where you'd never heard their music before, would it really be so offensive? Ok don't answer that one but if they'd only released one album, in say the early '70s, and then went on their way would they not be thought of differently? It seems that ship has sailed however....

    Ooh, controversial!