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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Sky Like a Broken Clock

Some mellow jazzy blues for you today from Kelly Joe Phelps who would have featured in my Three Names series had I not got bored with it.
Sky Like a Broken Clock ( a set of low-key abstract story-songs about voodoo,sin and prostitution - Allmusic)  his fourth album from 2001 and on Rykodisc is the only one of  his I have and coincides from a time that I was listening a lot to the Paul Jones Rhythm and Blues show on Radio 2.

I subsequently saw him at King Tuts which was probably the wrong venue for his mellow approach..

Taylor John remains a wonderful tune though.

Kelly Joe Phelps - Taylor John

Kelly Joe Phelps - Tommy


  1. Taylor John is, as you say, a very good song. "Tommy" does not, unfortunately (fortunately?) seem to have anything to with the the album by The Who. Two good songs today.

  2. You had me at '....voodoo, sin and prostitution'. I really like the first track - a gorgeous voice, those low notes give me goosebumps...

  3. I was just about to leave the same comment C did.

    I recognise the name KJP... might have something by him in the darkest recesses of my collection. Don't know these though.

  4. New one on me. Thanks, sir.