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Monday, 14 August 2017

34 Satellite

The other day I stumbled across a CD I didn't know I had (a rare but not unique experience)
It is Radar by a band called 34 Satellite. I suspect it may have come my way in a bunch of burns from my pal Harry.
Some research tells me that they are from Colorado  and this is their second album from 2000.on Hideaway Records
Both All Music and Pop Matters make comparisons with The Replacements. They put me more in mind of Teenage Fanclub, early Wilco and The Silos -the latter being hardly surprising given that Walter Salas Humara is involved in the production.
It is not bad at all and is one that will be played more frequently in future

34 Satellite - Riverside

34 Satellite - Molasses


  1. Never heard of them, very enjoyable indeed. 'Molasses' certainly has a touch of Paul Westerberg about it.

  2. two comments today. First from our mutual friend EC. He was not impressed. He used the words formulaic americana for track 2. But then he said "what do I know". Indeed, it comes from a Rush and AC/DC fan.
    Me. track 1 Teenage Fanclub-lite. Track 2 - not be played again

  3. EC has added that he is much more than a Rush and AC/DC fan. Of course, I forgot Judas Priest

    1. He has an impressive collection of Deep Purple albums.
      I like track 2

    2. "Hugely Impressive" he says