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Sunday 27 August 2017

Vintage Country Vinyl - Tennessee Ernie Ford

I returned Chet Atkins and Friends to charity and in doing so came away with Sixteen Tons by  Tennessee Ernie Ford.
Marginally better. About a quarter of the 12 tracks past muster - namely Sixteen Tons and these two country rockabilly numbers.
A couple of others start promisingly then descend into novelty records with silly voices thrown in. I suspect that as he became a TV personality the quality of the music was a secondary concern.
Not sure whether this one is a keeper

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Shot-Gun Boogie

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Blackberry Boogie


  1. 2 top tunes, although they are very very very similar. Will you be buying the 5cd set from BearFamily?

  2. Although I'd heard "Shotgun Boogie" way back when I've always thought of Tennessee Ernie as a one hit wonder with "16 Tons". The original, written by Merle Travis, is supposed to be about life in life in coal mines in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky*.
    *(so Wiki says anyways)

    Coincidentally, the awesomely wonderful John Prine wrote a song called "Paradise" - and it's also set in Muhlenberg County. He namechecks Muhlenberg County in the lyrics. It's one of my all-time Prine favourites and well worth listening to.

    1. Having just listened to "paradise", I agree that it is well worth listening to.