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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Carla J Easton - The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

As you can see from the photograph David Bailey has absolutely nothing to worry about.That's Carla in the red in case you were wondering.
It does however give you some idea as to the intimacy of  the venue.I was in the back row of the room which held about 50 folk. For once we were in an attic as opposed to a boiling hot basement.

What a great evening's entertainment I experienced on Saturday .Four excellent and diverse acts for a tenner.Talk about value for money. Huge thanks to Olive Grove Records and especially to Last Night from Glasgow for making it happen.

The first act on stage was Kirsty Law an artist who comes from a traditional Scottish music background.
She has written songs with the great Karine Polwart and with Carla who joined her on stage for the first time that they had sung the song they co-wrote together.

Next up was Brett Nelson a Canadian singer songwriter who Carla had met at a singer/songwriter workshop in Banff (Canada as opposed to Aberdeenshire) .He was staying at Ian from LNFG and was wearing his socks!
Some excellent songs with an Americana influence to them. There was one about a three pawed weasel which was particularly good.

Brett was followed by Irish poet Rachel McCrum who had the audience totally mesmerised with  some readings from her book The First Blast to Awaken Degenerate Women

In a first for CCM here is a poem she did for the Scottish Refugee Council

Finally Carla  J Easton took the stage.She advised that her mum who was in the auidence had told her to hurry up as she was going for the last train to Carluke. Sadly she never got to see the full set!
I'm useless at remembering all the songs and in the correct order but Fireworks, Vagabonds, Millions and somewhat bizarrely for August Spending Every Christmas Day with my Boy all featured
She also aired a couple of the new songs from the Work in Progress cassette (which thankfully comes with a download code) including Lights in the Dark and Girl From Before.
Just Carla and her piano but songs  that are likely to be worked up with the band and which will feature on Ette's new album.
No diminution in quality - as totally brilliant as the rest of her stuff.

A terrific evening

Teen Canteen -Vagabond


  1. Sounds like a top night out. Jealous.

  2. Another one I regret I wasn't able to get to.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this up, CC. What a night! Did you see any of our other friends there? Someone's back in the photo looks familiar.

  4. No Brian but I see where you are coming from -it was the same night as There is a Night that Never goes out so JC was not in attendance

  5. That's right. I didn't connect they were at the same time.