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Tuesday 8 August 2017

Magic Moments

My mum would have been 77 today.
When we were clearing out her stuff from the Care Home one of the staff gave me a copy of a Life Story type book she had been working on with my mum.
In it my mum mentioned something that I wasn't aware of when she mentioned that Magic Moments was probably her favourite song
Coincidentally Mrs CC came home a couple of weeks ago with a couple of Perry Como albums which she had picked up for 50p a pop .One was his 40 Greatest Hits one of the few records my folks owned. Magic Moments is the first track.

Perry Como - Magic Moments

Perry Como - Catch a Falling Star


  1. It's crazy, isn't it, that we know the favourite songs of complete strangers on the internet but not the people closest to us. I think I know my dad's (Strangers In The Night), but he's never actually said "that's my favourite song". I should really check.

  2. It's very touching - I'm glad you now know about her favourite song. Those Life Story projects are a great idea, they really seem to trigger the meaningful memories.

  3. I think my parents had that Perry Como record. They certainly had one of his hits collections. A lovely story and I'm sure your mum's book made for fascinating reading.

  4. The Life Story book must have been a wonderful gift to receive. I know a fair amount about my Dad's tastes in music, but little about my Mum's.