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Saturday 5 August 2017

The Class of 2006 - August

The second 2006 Uncut Playlist purchased in Stranraer  and which has since found it's way back to a charity shop was from the month of August.
Not too many standouts on this one to be honest. I have resisted posting Venus in Furs as you are all familiar with it.
Instead you are getting the great Malian artist Ali Farka Touré with a song from his 2006 album Savane. Sadly he had passed on in the March of that year aged 66.
Golden Smog - no posts for ages and then two come along at once just like Corporation buses. The first featured on these pages on 25th May this year and here they are again. This time it is a song from their album Another Fine Day which as I am sure you have worked out was released in 20116.

Something not from 2016 for you next Saturday.

Ali Farka Touré- Beto

Golden Smog - Listen Joe


  1. I could (and will) listen to that Golden Smog track again

  2. 2 great tunes. I tend to like anything with Jeff Tweedy on it. And the AFT tune is a fun listen, too. Starting Saturday off right - cheers CC!