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Saturday 12 August 2017

Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

This would have been your Friday night entertainment but for the sad demise of Glen Campbell. Now it is your Saturday night entertainment.You can thank me later.
Hillbilly Moon Explosion so named because main man Oliver Beroni was previously in a band called the Hillbilly Headhunters and main woman Emanuela Hutter was in MD Moon
I was unaware up until now that they are Swiss
These are from their 2002 debut. They are still on the go. my brother saw them last year when he was working in Belfast.
Rockabilly certainly but in homage to their name I can hear a wee bit of Hillbilly putting me in mind of the great  BR5-49

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Maniac Lover

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - All She Wants


  1. I was drawn in by the mention of BR5-49 and enjoyed the tunes, 'Manic Lover' is particularly good.

  2. Whatever happened to BR549? Their 1st album was ace.

    1. Couple of personnel changes after the first two records although personally I feel they never recovered from dropping the hyphen!

  3. I'm sure I've got an album by this lot. Definitely a BR-549 sound.

  4. Love them, especially My Love For Evermore. They also released a great rockabilly version of Call Me.

  5. Heard this earlier today but wanted to thank you later. Thank you.