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Friday 18 August 2017

The Blues Collection - Koko Taylor Revisited

Wang Dang Doodle by Koko Taylor was the first of the Blues Collection CD's I bought way back in December 2003. The following day I revisited  the charity shop and negotiated a job lot.

Koko has been long overdue a re-airing. She sprung to my mind recently for two reasons.
Firstly, Drew recently played a belter of a song by Linda Jones and her voice and delivery put me in mind of Koko.
Secondly I have just finished reading Feel Like Going Home the first in the great roots trilogy by Peter Guralnick.
In the chapter when he visits Chess Records in Chicago he tells of meeting Koko in the lobby who was there on her day off her work as a maid..Probably only a few years after these songs were recorded in 1965.
I suspect that many of the artists in the series needed a day job from time to time to break even.

Koko Taylor - Don't Mess With The Messer

Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle


  1. You've posted Don't Mess Twice.

  2. Koko Taylor & Willie Dixon - Insane Asylum - Yowsah!

  3. Have been tempted to read that one. Nice to hear some Koko today. Been a long long time. That song by Linda Jones at Drew's place earlier this week was an eye popper.

  4. Wang Dang Doodle. Wow! In a reversal of the current pejorative 1%/90% I'm happy to be part of the 1% who know and love this stupendous song - the 90% just don't know what they're missing.