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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Los Halos - Gracias Swede

A large tip of the chapeau to The Swede today.
A few weeks ago he posted a band that I had never heard of, Los Halos, with a song from their 2002 album For Ramona on the Loveless Records label
He advised that the album and others of theirs could be found on Bandcamp on a pay what  you want basis.
I  headed over there slightly after George and picked up the album for a few quid.
I suspect that it will not be my last visit. Very sparse yet  very pleasant music.

I could have chosen any of the 10 tracks but opted for these

Los Halos - Losst Halo

Los Halos - Morning of the Sun

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  1. As I mentioned to George, I can vouch for the first three albums, but the remaining two came some years later and I don't know them at all. Come to think of it, I really should follow your link and check them out.

  2. Good to see that birthday money being spent wisely

  3. I'm now at the post birthday money stage!

  4. Another sale! This is lovely.