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Monday, 28 August 2017


I've never really considered myself much of a James fan so it was a bit of a shock to note that I have their first five albums on the CD and album shelves.
I don't think I ever bought any of them new and suspect I must have picked them up cheaply somewhere along the way.
I can't say that I have listened to them for a while.
I selected their fifth album Laid for no other reason than it was the first to come to hand. I thought that it was there most successful album but apparently not given that it only reached number 3 whereas four of their other albums reached number 2 and a Best of number 1.
So there you go

It was produced by Brian Eno. I didn't know that either

James - Sometimes (Lester Piggott)

James -Say Something


  1. Two great tunes to start the week there CC.

  2. I drifted away from James after Goldmother but these to are decent songs.

  3. It took until this album before the band tasted any success over here. Late to the party as usual.

  4. Were these the kind of outfits you wore to the bloggers summit?!

  5. A quick trawl of James's songs just now has made me realise that Sit Down is the only song of theirs I rate. If I'd written it though I'd die happy.