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Sunday 6 August 2017

Levi Stubbs is No Longer Crying

When I posted Levi Stubbs'  Tears by Billy  Bragg last November I confessed to owning nothing by the Four Tops. I was quite rightly taken to task by all and sundry.
I am pleased to report that Levi Stubbs is no longer crying as I picked up a copy of their 1968 Greatest Hits on Tamla Motown on my last visit to Stanraer. It is in considerably better nick than last week's British Motown Chartbusters.
So here are Levi, Duke Fakir, Obie Benson and Lawrence Payton in all their glory with two absolute belters from the  mercurial pens of Holland, Dozier and Holland.

Four Tops - You Keep Running Away

Four Tops - Standing in the Shadows of Love


  1. Excellent news! I was about ready to send round the muso-police.

  2. It's all too easy (for me, anyway) to forget how great that voice is.

  3. Can't go wrong with a Four Tops comp.

  4. The only band I've ever seen that could come onstage and sing 2 hours of non-stop hits - and every one an absolute gem.