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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Burnt Offerings 30

We are off to Sheffield, Philadelphia and Maryhill this week in the 30th installment of Burnt Offerings.

We start with Sheffield indie pop band The Long Blondes  who lasted from 2004 to 2008 releasing two albums in the process
In 2006 they won the NME Philip Hall Radar award and were described by the Guardian as the best unsigned band in the UK.Rough Trade took the hint and in 2006 their debut album Someone to Drive You Home.on which this song features.

The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratosphere

Next up are Philadelphia Soul trio The Delfonics who first crossed my radar when their song Didn't I (Blow Your Mind this Time) featured in the Quentin Tarantino film from 1997 Jackie Brown. This their other big number was released in 1968 a year before Didn't I

The Delfonics - La La Means I Love You

Finally, from Maryhill in Glasgow we have the Urban Spaceman himself  the hippy folkie Donovan Leitch
From 1966 Sunshine Superman topped the Billboard Hot 100 for one week and reached number 2 in the UK
He is still going strong and was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.
If you hang around long enough ....

Donovan - Sunshine Superman

The penultimate assorted nonsense selection next Wednesday


  1. Discovered the Delfonics the exact same way. That tape going in the car was unforgettable. Another nice threesome, CC.

  2. An excellent selection - although unusually, I own all three of these. Maybe your burning tastes were becoming more mainstream. ;-)

    The Long Blondes were real favourites of mine. It was a tragedy when songwriter Dorian Cox had a stroke and the band called it a day. Kate Jackson had an excellent solo album out last year though.

    1. Possibly, but my argument will be that most of the left field acts have already featured
      I came within an inch of featuring Billy Briwn by Mika!

    2. We need more Mika on this blog...

  3. The Delfonics must love Quentin. And from memory the tape in the car was a brilliant idea showing that the Robert Forster character was falling in love with Jackie Brown. Must watch it again soon.

    As for Donovan, I've always had a soft spot for the man and went to see an exhibition in Maryhill Library about him round about ten years ago. Not quite Bowie at the V&A but interesting stuff.


  4. Rediscovered the Delfonics via Tarantino also - As Jamie above said, they must love him!

  5. Where's the love for The Long Blondes? Always thought they should have been massive... When they called it a day I was bummed. But the reemergence of lead singer Kate Jackson has gone a very long way to making me happy again. NO ONE should ever miss her reading of Blondie's Picture This on the last B.E.F. Music Of Quality And Distinction release and her 2016 album, British Road Movies, was one of my favorites of the year.