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Thursday 31 August 2017

Courtney Marie

Concerts eh? Like Corporation buses none for ages then two come along at once.
Hot on the heels of Saturday's Carla J Easton gig Mrs CC and I are off to see Courtney Marie Andrews tonight.
The concert is at St Lukes a converted church in Glasgow's East End and is another new venue for me.

Courtney Marie first came to my attention with her contribution to Tuscon Songs an album that George very kindly sent in my direction. That one is the first one below.
The second is from her 2016 album Honest Life  which I got with my birthday money.
Recorded whilst she was living in Belgium it reached number 1 in the Official UK American chart (I never knew there was such a thing) and led to an appearance on Jools Holland which I have never seen.

Match report to follow

Courtney Marie Andrews - It's Okay, I Understand

Courtney Marie Andrews - Rookie Dreaming