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Friday 1 September 2017

I Speak Because I Can

I quite like Laura Marling. However, she is one of many an artist who's music  I like but have never quite got round to paying hard cash for. I would however hoover up anything I saw in a charity shop.
She first appeared as part of the nu folk movement (an awful term)  in the mid Naughties first hooking up with Noah and the Whale and then with posh boys Mumford and Sons.
Fortunately for her she had the talent to survive these associations and continues to deliver consistently good and challenging songs.
I Speak Because I Can is her second solo album from 2010 produced by Ethan Jones an a Mercury Music Prize nomination.
Then boyfriend Marcus Mumford appears on drums and backing vocals but we won't hold that against her.

Laura Marling - Rambling Man

Laura Marling -Hope in the Air


  1. AFter the first track I wasn't expecting much but Hope In The Air seemed to slowly draw in me in. A fine piece of music.

  2. As each Laura Marling LP comes along, I play it to death, revel in what a talent she is, then file it away and almost completely forget about her until the next one arrives. I'm not quite sure why this is, as I really do like her music a lot.

  3. I liked each Laura Marling record more than the previous one until her new one came out. It's very samey, and comes across as overly Joni Mitchell. I strongly recommend 'Short Movie', her last album. That's her peak for me.

  4. 'Quite like'....ha ha I swear I DM'd you BEFORE I read your opening gambit here. I love Rambling Man, it's a great track but a note to LM virgins, listen first before watching the YT video. I'm with The Swede though in the sense that although I like LM, there's an inscrutability about her that I struggle to fathom.

  5. Short Movie is great but a couple of early things are really great, New Romantic from the My Maniac and I and also Young Love her collaboration with Mystery Jets