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Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Incomparable Charley Pride

Yes, yes I know that I have featured some Charley Pride on vinyl relatively recently.(just checked it was the 25th of June so not quite as recently as I first thought).
However when Mrs CC came in with a couple of compilations by him at 50p a pop it led my to thinking that another airing was justified.
A compilation from 1972 the year after he was chosen as the artist of the year and the best male country vocalist  of the year by the Country Music Association and the top male country artist by Billboard and Cashbox.
His greatest accolade though will always be that he became the first black artist (and pretty much the only black artist) to be recognised as a major country and western artist.
His talent sure burst down a whole number of barriers.
Incomparable indeed.

Charley Pride - Was It All Worth Losing You

Charley Pride - This Highway Leads to Glory


  1. The late, great Bobby Womack released a country album titled " BW Goes C&W" - much to the annoyance of his record company. United Artists eventually allowed the album's release after Womack agreed not to use the original title - which is considered highly offensive to black people and also mentioned Charley Pride.

    You can read more about it in this Wiki entry...

  2. the first track was a lot better than the second.

  3. Can't feature too much Charley Pride for this cowboy, CC.

  4. Always got time forces bit of Charley.

    Erm... I mean...