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Friday, 22 September 2017

When Autumn Leaves Lie Thick and Still

When does Autumn start?
In Scotland it is usually after the two or three warm days we get in May or June!
It is 1st September on the meteorological calendar or  today 22nd September if you use the astronomical seasons
Alyson  over at What's It All About knows her seasons so should be able to give the definitive answer.

Whatever, it gives me an excuse to feature a couple of songs with Autumn in the title.

The Kinks - Autumn Almanac

Paolo Nutini - Autumn


  1. Ah CC, before I opened this post I was all set to jump in with a comment when I saw the title and here I am getting a mention - thanks. This is actually Mabon in the pagan calendar where we give thanks that the harvests are all in for another year and we will eat over the winter (although easy to forget that when we go to the supermarket in December for strawberries etc).

    I featured "Autumn Almanac" last autumn over at my place (great song) and of course September by EWF as the autumnal equinox fell on the 21st last year. You are spot on with the meteorological and astronomical definitions but here was a new one on me - Lammas which falls on the 1st August marks the start of winter in the pagan calendar - sounds about right up here in Scotland!

  2. Sorry to hijack your post CC but all 8 markers in the calendar have been written about since this date last year - Can be found here is anyone wants to find out a little more about each one.

    1. Thanks for that - couldn't remember them all.
      A useful synopsis!

  3. Andy Partridge wrote his share of great 'pastoral' tunes, notably on Skylarking, but said repeatedly that he was always trying to write 'Autumn Almanac', or something like it.

  4. I have the Paolo Nutini album that Autumn comes from. Good choices today, senses back in some semblance of order.

  5. Ah, CC, a favorite and a new one to me. Can't ask for much more from a post. Happy fall!

  6. Ha ha Snap! Been playing this all day and then discover you have too. Pretty obvious choice I s'pose though I'm guilty of same. I'd just turned 14 when this came out and was beside myself to discover such ordinariness in pop lyrics. I'd liked the Kinks from a couple of years earlier and songs such as this just cemented my devotion.

  7. Here's the best song ever about that particular season:-