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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Brothers, Sisters ....

A new, if hardly original, series for you today.
Bands with Sister(s) or Brother(s) in their title.
We will start of with bands containing actual brothers or sisters and see where we go from there.

We kick off with the Webb Brothers who are the offspring of the great  songwriter and pianist Jimmy Webb.
When I saw them in Austin and subsequently purchased their 2000 album Maroon there were only the two of them: Christiaan on vocals, piano and keyboards and Justin on vocals and guitars.They have subsequently been joined over the years by younger brothers James and Cornelius.

The Webb Brothers - Summer People

Another band who at one stage contained four siblings are the disco legends Sister Sledge.
At their peak they consisted of Debi, Joni, Kim and Kathy Sledge.
Kathy left in 1989 returning occasionally thereafter and  Joni sadly died in 2017
Here is the LP version of their classic We Are Family - all 8 minutes of it!

Sister Sledge - We Are Family

During my extensive research for this post  I also discovered that there is in fact also a band out there called The Webb Sisters - featuring sisters Charley and Hattie from Kent

More next week


  1. I'm over a minute into the Webb Sisters video. I stopped at 1 min 50 seconds. I suspect no one else who visits these pages will do better.

    1. You are in the lead George
      I never got that far

    2. Rather like the Webb Bros. tune. Upbeat and well-produced.

  2. One day we will be free...

    Thought you were going to be posting some classic house music from your title.

    Good idea for a series.

  3. The Webb Brothers however are magnificent. 'Maroon' is a very fine album indeed.

  4. Can I win the prize for saying I quite liked The Webb Sisters. Not enough to buy a record... or even watch the whole video. Started verging a little too much towards The Corrs, but I wouldn't turn them off if they came on t'radio.

    However, the Webb Brothers were marvellous circa Maroon. I saw them live around that time too. Nowhere quite as glamorous as Austin though. Sheffield.

    Already said my piece on Sister Sledge when Joni died.

    Looking forward to more in this series. Wonder if Bros will make the grade? (Hope not, but it's always rude to presume.)

    1. Phew. You don't dig that deep in the charity shop bins!

  5. Big supporter of the Webb Brothers. I have read they have a bigger following in the UK... which is to say they have no following over here. I have three albums on the shelf, and two of them I recommend highly. Beyond the Biosphere and is the other one that's very good, but Maroon is their masterpiece. Florescent Lights is one of the all-time great icky late-night bar songs. Maroon will be getting a spin tonight.