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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

You Were Working As a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar

The above line earwormed into my head the other day leading to me dusting down Dare the 1981 Human League album from whence it came.
Probably the first time I have played it this millennium and a rather pleasant experience it was too.

Don't You Want Me was of course a phenomenally successful single (5 weeks at number 1) but one which was released against Phil Oakley's wishes
But this is Phil talking - Love Action (I Believe in Love) only peaked at number 3.
Thirty five years old for goodness sake

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

The Human League -Love Action (I Believe in Love)


  1. I enjoyed everything about this post, except the line about 'Dare' being 35 years old.

    1. I can generally accept that the 80s are 30+ years ago... it's the 90s being 20+ years ago that I have a problem with. That said, it's hard for me to believe that I was 9 years old when this record came out.

  2. I prefer today's choices to yesterday's. I did play the B.A.D. songs, expecting the worst, but they were OK really.

  3. Agree with Rol. I can't quite get my head around the 90s being so long ago.

    George- tsk.

  4. Dare - so much promised, so much achieved, but so little follow through. A great album that became too big for its and the band's own good.

  5. The turn of the millenium feels like a long time ago to me at the moment b ut also just yesterday if that doesn't sound daft.

  6. I still listen to my 12" singles of these two with regularity, but I haven't pulled out Dare in years. Will have to do that tonight. Have to agree with Echorich, though. The only Oakey I have after Dare is Facination and the album with Giorgio Moroder. That might have even been hanging on too long.

  7. An era and genre-defining album. Takes me back to my first misadventures in pubs now that I had proof my baby-face looks did belong to someone who was 18 year old. Loved it then and love it still, albeit like everyone else, hardly play it nowadays.