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Wednesday 21 September 2016

The Boy Wonder

It's not very often that you see a Roddy Frame solo album in a charity shop.
Indeed, it has only happened to me once , recently in Stanraer, and needless to say I took the opportunity to grab Seven Dials with both hands.
From 2014 it is his first studio album since 2006's Western Skies and only his fourth in sixteen years.

Uncut gave it 8/10 and described it as being both instantly accessible yet full of detail and depth
I'm not yet sure as to what I think the best tracks are and have chosen these two pretty much at random.
Like Western Skies I suspect it will take a good few listens.

Roddy Frame - Postcard

Roddy Frame - The Other Side


  1. I don't know the album and can't play 'Postcard' for some reason, but 'The Other Side' is very good. Frame is such a quality songwriter, I'm confident that you'll grow to be very satisfied with your purchase.

    1. Checked the settings
      If anyone else is having problems let me know and I'll have a look at it tonight

    2. The link should be working Swede - if Drew hasn't put you off!

  2. It took my quite a few listens to like a lot of this album. I can't listen to Postcard too Fleetwood Mac-y for me. I do love White Pony though. He does seem to be quite lazy when it comes to releasing things.

  3. This album didn't do as much for me as I hoped it would. Overproduced. he needs to cut back and try to make things a bit less polished.

  4. Was high on the album when it came out, but I have to admit I haven't listened to it in a while. I wonder... if your post today was the first time I heard it and you said it was by John Smith, would I like it as much? As mentioned by Adam and Drew, it is kind of slick and adult contemporary in places. Not exactly high praise. Probably being too harsh today because I do like it, but it's not in the same league as most of the other albums that have his name on the front.

  5. Sorry I'm late with the comments.

    I can really only echo what others have said. Seven Dials has some very lovely moments but also has three or four tracks that are a letdown. I'd actually heard some of the material played live in a solo set beforehand and I think the songs, like many from the 'Love' era, are too polished and are better suited to one boy wonder and his acoustic guitar.