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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Please and Thank You

The polite people behind Please and Thank You are Cambridge's Broken Family Band.
Their final album from 2009 on the Cooking Vinyl label.
I bought it recently in a charity shop on the strength of one of their previous efforts 2002's The King Will Build a Disco.
I have TKWBAD filed under Americana but this album has a heavier rockier feel to it.
On reflection I think I prefer the earlier one and am grateful that I bought them in that order as had I bought this one first I couldn't see me going for trip two

The Broken Family Band - Please Yourself

The Broken Family Band - Don't Bury Us


  1. Balls is their best album. If you ever find that in a charity shop, snap it up.

  2. Yep I agree with Rol - I've got all but one of their albums, all decent by the way, but Balls has several great songs, check out particularly All I Want From You Is Some Effort, Alone In The Make-Out Room and Trouble. If you ever break your Charity only purchases 'rule' then break it for Balls!

    Actually, as I type I'm recalling their stellar Song Against Robots track from Cold Water Songs - it's here on YT