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Sunday 11 September 2016

Some Sunday Drifters Soul

One of many Drifters Line Ups

Not quite sure how this one is going to go down.It was originally not my intention to feature The Drifters this week but they were crooning as muzak in the background of a restaurant the other night when we were having a meal and it got me thinking that I had never featured a Best of that I got in a record library sale.

They have been on the go since 1953 in various formats with any number of members and around 60 lead singers. There are also any number of versions of the band doing the rounds under various monikers putting the likes of UB40 firmly in the shade.

The most notable main men have probably been Clyde McPhatter in the 50's and Ben E King and Johnny Moore in the 60's
I've gone for Johnny and Bennie (in that order) although there may well have been a Frankie in the mix at some stage.


  1. Great pop songs today. I think that, unlike the UB40s, there's absolutely no connection between the Clyde McPhatter Drifters and the successors and the Ben E King Drifters, apart from having the manager. Didn't he just start again with the Ben E King lot, and call them The Drifters.
    And no "Sitting In The Back Row Of The Movies on a Saturday Night With You, holding hands together, you and I"...etc??

    1. Was usurped at the death by Save the Last Dance

  2. I have a Drifters post coming up. Love 'em.