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Friday, 2 September 2016

Vintage Country Vinyl - Emmylou Harris

The Emmylou Harris albums on the CC shelves stretch to double figures - however there is only the one on vinyl and that is 1977's Luxury Liner
Her fourth solo album and her second successive Billboard number one album after Elite Hotel
Let's start with the title track written by her former collaborator the late great Gram Parsons
At this stage in her career she wasn't writing much and the majority of the songs are covers including the second one below from Chuck Berry

I'm putting this series to bed now unless anyone is really desperate to hear Crystal Gayle or like The Swede and kevinpat The Eagles.
I may revisit it at some stage or come up with a Not So Vintage Alternative Country Vinyl Series

Emmylou Harris - Luxury Liner

Emmylou Harris - (You Never Can Tell) C'est La Vie


  1. Always good to hear something from Mrs. Harris. Probably the best voice in Country Music. You know I'm not a huge fan of this genre but I love the work of Parson/Harris.

  2. Oh that voice. Elite Hotel is probably my favorite but it's always okay to hear Emmylou wrap that beautiful voice around a cover. "Icy Blue Heart" comes to mind. Or sneaking in to someone else's song. Her work with Parsons is classic but part of that is how she compliments another's voice. Damn. Now I gotta dig out my Emmylou!

    Ummm. Who's Crystal Gayle? Eagles? A great band who's heads got bigger than their talents. But lately I've revisited Linda Ronstadt, who I always liked, despite some very bad song choices. But when it's right, it's very right and I am still amazed at the power & quality of her voice. Check "Hasten Down the Wind" album
    for proof. Whew!

    And then there's always my personal favorite, John Prine. An American classic. God, I love that man. The Mark Twain of popular music. LOVE me some Prine. But I also happy with Soup Dragons and Pixies......

    1. Linda has featured before but not in this series
      The only John Prine I currently have is burns
      Saw him live and he was fantastic
      Some food for thought for any follow up series

  3. You can't post anything by The Eagles in this series, they're not country

    1. There are still plenty of other reasons to ban them though. I don't mind a bit of Crystal Gayle though. She did that soundtrack album with Tom Waits that I can't now remember the name of, so probably has more street cred than the Eagles

    2. Well said Ernie Goggins, 'One From the Heart' is a great album.

  4. It's always a treat to hear Emmylou. I'd love to let you know how I truly feel about The Eagles, but it's a family show. John Prine sounds like a good idea though. Saw him once at the Cambridge Folk Festival and, like you, thought he was fantastic.