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Thursday 22 September 2016

Tuscon Songs

Our good friend George kindly sent me  a copy of Tuscon Songs : Exciting New Songs from Southern Arizona.
It is from 2012 and on the German label Le Pop Musik.
Tuscon is probably most musically famous for the desert noir sound of Giant Sand and Calexico and both feature on the record.
It is a safe bet that if you like the above bands you will like the rest
Here are a couple of tasters.
Excellent stuff

Gabriel Sullivan &Taraf de Tuscon feat. Billy Sedimayr - The Rust, The Knife

Courtney Marie Andrews -It's okay, I Understand


  1. All new names to me and really very good. Gabriel Sullivan has a touch of Thin White Rope about him, which is absolutely no bad thing in my book and Courtney's voice is quite lovely. More names to add to the never-ending list. So much music, so little time.

    1. ........but this one didn't cost a you a singLe penny! Just going out in sunny Albacete to look for a record shop.