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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Over to Skye For Our Holidays

As Clare Grogan nearly sang we are over to Skye for our holidays.
Or rather a week on Skye followed by a week in Tomintoul.

I am going to resurrect the by now semi -traditional Holiday Hiatus series for the next couple of weeks whereby you get a couple of songs from a randomly picked artist (with one or two not so random) but very little by way of words or "research"
The reasoning is that I don't want to keep you lovely people hanging on for a couple of weeks.
Also I was hoping to try and submit a  post for every day in 2016. However there was a day when technical problems defeated me but I think that is allowed,

Altered Images - I Could Be Happy

Altered Images - Dead Popstars


  1. I'm envious. Have a fabulous time CC.

  2. Hope your bonnie boat speeds smoothly

  3. Enjoy that trip over the arched bridge to Skye. Lovely island. Then it's to be the infamous Cock Bridge to Tomintoul Road? Good to hear you're getting in there early before it closes for the winter! Enjoy - Alyson from WIAAA? I'm rubbish at using blogspot for comments - apologies.

    1. That's the on
      Hopefully the snow gates will remain open!

  4. Not a lot I suspect
    Hopefully Bon snow

  5. Is Tomintoul so small you could go on a pub crawl and NOT get pished??

  6. Note that I said "you" and not "I"!!!