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Monday 5 September 2016

It's B.A.D. You Know

I am somewhat ashamed to say that Big Audio Dynamite have never graced  these pages before. So time to right that wrong.

You should all be familiar with who they are - the band set up by Mick Jones after he was ousted The Only Band That Matters
One of the first bands to combine guitar based rock with hip hop,sound bytes and electronic effects.
A  song from each of the first two albums for you
From 1985's This is Big Audio Dynamite and co-written by Mick Jones and Don Letts  we have E=MC2   followed by a Strummer/Jones composition V Thirteen from 1986's No. 10, Upping Street
For all things Big Audio Dynamite can I refer you to the ever informative Swiss Adam

Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2

Big Audio Dynamite - V Thirteen


  1. The first 4 albums still sound absolutely great.

  2. Thanks CC.
    Two belting tunes.
    Swiss Adam

  3. You have made many readers happy today... especially the first two to reply to you. I have never seen bigger fans. Really good stuff, CC.

  4. I see you had Wilson Pickett yesterday. You are on a roll.