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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday Hiatus - Edwyn Collins

As is now tradition time to feature Edwyn Collins in the Holiday Hiatus interlude
Two years ago tracks from the single Keep on Burning and last year tracks from Gorgeous George.
This time round it is the turn of the predecessor to GG  1990's Hellbent on Compromise with a very young looking Edwyn seemingly wearing his pyjama trousers on the cover

Edwyn Collins - You Poor Deluded Fool

Edwyn Collins - Everything and More


  1. Hellbent on Compromise is a very good album, although I was disappointed in Time of The Preacher, I better.

  2. Good album. Love a bit of Edwyn.

  3. This is an album I can return to after many years not listening to it and finding something new to marvel in.

    I'm very fond of 'Means To An End' for the Paul Quinn connection...and 'Graciously' is another that I adore.