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Monday 12 September 2016

Where Cairo rhymed with Giro

I took a wee bit of a punt when picking up the 12 inch version of Cairo by Amazulu which turns out to having been their first single from as far back as 1983.
I had a vague recollection of them having appeared on The Young Ones but couldn't really remember any of their music.
How could I have forgotten Too Good to be Forgotten?
Turns out that Cairo is a pretty pleasant if hardly earth shattering piece of British ska pop.
The b-side numbers are not too shabby either - the first paying tribute to the women from Greenham Common with the second being about God know's what.

Amazulu - Cairo

Amazulu - Greenham Time

Amazulu - Nuya Deya


  1. The original (but obscure) version by Joyella Blade remains an absolute must-have.

  2. 'Amazulu.'



    1. I'd forgotten about that Jamie!
      My brother used to be able to recite the lines from every Young Ones episode

    2. That's still my party trick. My youngest daughter (now 16) can quote a lot of them too. Which tells you a lot about my parenting...

  3. I have to go back and watch that episode. I have them all... on VHS no less. Thanks for the memories, CC.

  4. I haven't forgotten To Good To Be Forgotten. I've never heard this before, but you get top marks for buying it and blogging it.