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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Troubled by the Fire

Let's stick with the elements for a bit - yesterday water, today fire
Troubled by the Fire from 2003 is the third album by  American  singer -songwriter Laura Veirs on the Bella Union label.
I'd vaguely heard of her and liked a song from a compilation so I acquired this a year or so ago. After a cursory listen it was filed away as is often the case until I dusted it  down a few days ago.
Not bad - could be a grower.
With reference to the second song the internet tells me that John Vogelin is the name of a New Mexican rancher in the 1962 novel Fire on the Mountain by Edward Abbey.
I was blissfully unaware of this. All that I knew was that the song contains yodeling and that is good enough for me.
She is married to Tucker Martine the go to producer for Americana bands.

Laura Veirs - Lost at Seaflower Cove

Laure Veirs - The Ballad of John Vogelin


  1. I recently was introduced to Laura Viers through her recent work with Neko Case & KD Lang. Their album, altho originally did nothing for me, grew to be my summer jam. It's a keeper. I like it a lot. I was interested in hearing more solo work by Miss Viers, as I am very familiar w/Case & Lang already. And here it is!! So thanks CC.

  2. I have the Warp and Weft album by Laura Veirs, purchased two or three years ago. No idea why I bought it but it's a good listen