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Saturday 31 January 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

This weeks offering is an Uncut compilation from April 2013 entitled The New Music.
New then, put old hat now.
First up is the opening track from Low's fantastic album The Invisible Way and quite possibly the finest song ever written about peeing into a Plastic Cup.
Phosphorescent very nearly made the cut.
However, as is my want, they were pipped at the post by two Americana artists about whom I know absolutely nothing.
I couldn't choose between them so you are getting John Fullbright swiftly followed by the tremendously named Cody Canada and the Departed.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Low - Plastic Cup

John Fullbright - Jericho

Cody Canada and the Departed - Cold Hard Fact

1 comment:

  1. Low pulled off a previously unaccomplished hat-trick in my 2013 end of year review, claiming best LP, track and gig. The track was actually 'Just Make it Stop', but 'Plastic Cup' came damn close too.