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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

The REM Collection Disc 1  an Uncut Compilation from August 2005 features this week.
Disc 1 features music chosen by Mike Mills - presumably there are Discs 2 and 3 out there featuring Messrs Stipe and Buck.
Presumably a ruse on the part of Uncut to unleash another 40 page article on REM.

However it turns out that Mr Mills appears to have exquisite musical taste. Billed on the CD cover as the "best of classic US underground rock" it includes such luminaries as Big Star,The Blasters,The Jayhawks, Dream Syndicate and The Replacements none of whom are strangers to CCM and to many of you I suspect.
It was a tough call but I have gone for The Drifter by Green on Red taken from the great Gas Food Lodging album and a scorching live version of Bob Dylan's Absolutely Sweet Marie by Jason and the Scorchers from an album called Midnight Roads and Stages Seen.
Toptastic, as George might say.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Green on Red - The Drifter

Jason & the Scorchers - Absolutely Sweet Marie

And as an added bonus here is the debut single from Floridian fuzzpunks The Modern Sixties which wouldn't be out of place on this album

The Modern Sixties - Buy Me a Drink


  1. Catching up with Dan Stuart was one of my highlights of 2014, what a truly great band Green on Red were. Jason & the Scorchers were no slouches either. And as for The Modern Sixties - is 'fuzzpunk' a thing? If not, it should be and if it is, and it's all as good as 'Buy Me a Drink', count me in.

    1. Fuzzpunk is their term - a new one on me. pretty apt though

  2. Green On Red - stonking.
    Jason and the Scorchers - utterly rockin'.
    The Modern Sixties - can't hear 'em. Someone please tell me why some tracks on Soundcloud play fine for me and others not.

    1. If you send me your e-mail details I'll forward WAV file

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a fantastic version of Sweet Marie, prefer their version to Dylan's..

  4. Finally someone featuring Jason & the Scorchers with Sweet Marie. Thanks CC.