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Thursday 29 January 2015

Hooray for Hefner

Darren Hayman of Hefner is fondly remembered by many as the person who wrote The Day That Thatcher Dies.
However, he has written and sung many a fine song as these two from the 2000 album We Love the City testify.
He writes in a similar vein to Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy - clever and witty songs which are often quite topical and which have something to say about modern life and the social condition
Hefner only lasted until 2002 with Darren Hayman having released about 10 or so solo albums since then.
I do not have any of them but have heard the occasional track all of which are of a consistently high standard

Hefner - We Love The City

Hefner -The Greedy Ugly People


  1. I live with someone who is a big fan of this album. Not that they featured on THAT compilation CD I made her all those years ago

  2. I have a few of the solo albums. The Ships Piano being a favourite. Also very good is his Springsteen covers album.

    1. I might just check out one of the two you mention, Drew.

  3. Table For One is well worth a listen as well CC.

  4. Hefner (and Darren Hayman) were much loved by Peel, which is where I (like so many others) first encountered them. They regularly made the Festive 50 in the late 90s and were known for their wonderfully acerbic and naive (?) from the heart musical odes.It's fair to say their output was patchy but they hit the button often enough for me. Well worth worth checking out. One of my claims to 'fame' (actually my ONLY claim) is that my brother-in-law happened to be on the same 'Spanish for beginners' course as Darren and arranged for him to sign one of Hefner's CDs for me. A rare entry into celebrity stratosphere indeed!