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Saturday 3 January 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

One of the good things about blogging is that it encourages you to look out records or CDs which have been gathering dust for ages and you rediscover them and start exploring similar music.

So it is with There is a Light That Never Goes Out -Indie Classics 1982-1987 which came free with Mojo Magazine in October 2012.
This CD features some of the indie bands from that time who did not enjoy the same fame and fortune as The Smiths.
Now, this is a period and a genre that I am not too familiar with. However thanks to fellow bloggers, such as JC and Brian and others, I am probably more familiar with many of these bands now than I was at the time.
Here are two tracks from the CD which I particularly enjoy.

More random nonsense next Saturday

The Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed

The Flatmates - I Could be in Heaven


  1. One of the best of the free MOJO discs. Quite often gets another spin around here. Takes you back.

  2. Almost Prayed is a work of brilliance.
    Swiss Adam

  3. Ooh, CC, you picked a couple of goodies from a wonderful collection. A couple of my all-time faves make appearances here (Close Lobsters, Go-Betweens), but I would have selected that Flatmates song too. It was the band's debut single, and I think it was their best. Well done, sir.

  4. Did you "pah-pah-pah-pah-pah-pah-pah" alomg to The Flatmates?

  5. I used to love that Weather Prophets track. Hasn't dated too well though...

  6. Just prior to starting to do my blog I sent JC a list of my Top 20 favourite tracks of all time and Almost Prayed was on there. If I was to do another list today it would still be on there. As SA says, a work of brilliance. You could not have picked two better tracks from that CD to post.

  7. Good choices! The Go Betweens are one of my Top 5 all time bands but I played that Felt track a lot at the college radio station.

    1. The Go-Betweens have recently featured a couple of times so I thought I would give some of the others a whirl

  8. Always have time for The Weather Prophets! Great selection!!

  9. Really pleasing to see so much love for The Weather Prophets among the comments. In my opinion neither they or The Loft quite reached their full potential, but when they were good (as here) they were bloody brilliant. Good to hear The Flatmates tune again too.

  10. I'll second that, Mr. Swede.