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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Some Distinctly Unseasonal Music

It has been Baltic here over the last few days with the temperature rarely rising above freezing.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. So to cheer you all up what better than a quick blast of  The Godchildren of Soul featuring General Johnson and Joey Ramone with Rockaway Beach (on The Beach) from 1994.

Acquired many moons ago for the grand total of 20 pence and it is apparently a Carolina beach music version of The Ramones classic
A particularly poor early example of Photoshop on the cover!

The Godchildren of Soul - Rockaway Beach (On The Beach)

The Godchildren of Soul - Flying On The Ground


  1. Never heard this before - General Johnson & Joey together on one song? Inspired! I feel warmer already.

  2. For 20 new pence! Now that was a bargain. That Rockaway Beach track is really good.

  3. Bizarre! But well worth 20p

  4. Worth it for the sleeve alone, never heard this before but is has warmed up another cold day here in Glasgow.