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Monday, 5 January 2015

The Gospel According to Jim

Not him ...

... or him ...

but him!

I'm not sure that the Gospel according to Jim White the Sky Sports TV commentator would be worth listening to although Rangers would undoubtedly feature.
On the other hand I would imagine that  the Gospel according to Jimmy White the snooker player would be extremely entertaining.
Rather, you are getting  the Gospel according to Jim White the gothic Americana musician and who is actually called Michael Davis Pratt.Quite why anyone called Pratt would want to change their name is beyond me.

All this nonsense is basically a preamble to featuring a couple of songs from his third album which I recently acquired ridiculously cheaply from the previously featured Greenhouse in Dingwall.
On Luka Bop from 2004 Drill a Hole in the Substrate and Tell Me What You See must have one of the longest titles of any album in my collection.
It's up there with The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and if I could be bothered counting the letters I'd tell you which was the longest.
George probably has a formula for that sort of thing.

Jim White -Static on the Radio

Jim White - That Girl from Brownsville Texas


  1. Did you know that there are TWO Jim Whites who are sports presenters?

  2. I used to own the first three Jim White LPs, but reluctantly let them go in a space saving cull many years ago. Great to hear these tunes again, particularly 'Static on the Radio' with perfect backing vocals from Aimee Mann.

    1. I have the first 3 which are all excellent.Haven't heard much of his later stuff