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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Some Sunday Soul

Right, time for the first  Sunday Soul selection of 2015.
I had vaguely heard the name Phoebe Snow so when I  saw 1978's Against The Grain in a charity shop for a few quid it seemed foolish not to.
I must admit that when I first listened to it I was a tad disappointed. It has grown on me a little after a few listens but I still remain to be totally convinced.Would be interested to hear the views of others.

Here's Phoebe with her version of  the Dan Penn and Chips Moman classic Do Right Woman, Do Right Man and one of her own song's You Have Not Won.
Apologies for the quality of the picture. It is a copy of the album cover which seems to be in soft focus - at least that's my excuse anyway!

Phoebe Snow - Do Right Woman. Do Right Man

Phoebe Snow -You Have Not Won


  1. Do you not think that the cover version is a bit bland? Not terribly impressed with the second, though.

  2. I quite like the Do Right woman cover, reminds me a bit of Carole King. she does have a nice voice, but maybe a tad bland...

  3. She had her moments, Phoebe, but like George and Scott I found she tended to drift towards blandness a bit too often for me.Though I do like her version of the Roche's "Married Men", which I think was on that album,

    1. Yeah,that might have been a better choice for the second song Ernie

  4. I picked this one up for a £1 last year and it's a keeper for me. Always liked Keep A Watch On The Shoreline which I had on a cassette (must have been from a John Peel or Alexis Korner show?). Random Time is a standout too for me. The whole album has a nice laid back feel to it I think (I can understand that could translate as bland to some) - a bit soft focus like the album cover, maybe that was deliberate.