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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Day Homage

Happy New Year to you all dear friends.

New Year's Day can be a time for reflection particularly in respect of remembering those who are no longer with us.
In that vein, in what is now a CCM tradition (i.e. the second year running!) it is time to pay homage to two absolute musical giants who both died on New Years Day.
Hank Williams died on New Years Day 1953 at the tender age of 29. However, thankfully, the Hillbilly Shakespeare left a tremendous legacy of music for us to enjoy.
Lost Highway could have been almost autobiographical had he written it. Instead it is one of his very few hits that he didn't write  -Leon Payne being the author in 1949

Townes Van Zandt, another colossus of 20th century music died on New Year's Day in 1997 at the age of 52.
Like Hank, he left an impressive canon of work. However unlike Hank he didn't enjoy the same fame and recognition during his lifetime or indeed since. Indeed, many of his songs were more successful when covered by other artists.
Nanci Griffith  for instance recorded Tecumseh Valley but her version is not in the same league as Townes'

Hank Williams -Lost Highway

Townes Van Zandt -Tecumseh Valley


  1. Happy New Year CC. All the best for 2015

  2. Blimey, talk about setting the bar high. Two wondrous selections for your first post of the year.

    1. No Kidding....there's also a big picture of BO Diddley in my reader too. Might as well just shut the internet down for the rest of the day.

      I just went through some clips of Heartworn Highways after reading

    2. No pressure then!
      Probably downhill from hereon now

  3. I concur with The Swede, this really has set the bar high CC. What an immense talent Townes was. I'm off to raise a wee toast to both these great men...

  4. I didn't know these two had this unfortunate connection, but I agree with your readers. This is quite a way to start 2015. Best wishes. CC.