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Tuesday 20 January 2015

I Kent Their Faithers

 I kent yer Faither is an excellent Scottish put down often levelled at young whippersnappers who have gotten too big for their boots.
However in the case of Wilson Phillips this is not strictly true .It is more by association that I am familiar with the music of their fathers and indeed one of their mothers.
Carrie and Wendy Wilson are the daughters of Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame whilst Chynna Phillips is the daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and the Pappas.
So children of pop royalty then and friends from a young age out in California.
Astonishingly their 1990 self titled debut album sold over 10 million copies which made them, at the time,the best selling female artists of all time for a single album.
These songs are taken from their 1992 follow up Shadows and Light acquired on my most recent charity shop excursion for a quid.
Pretty mainstream but pleasant enough pop music.
They lasted to 1993 before splitting only to have a series of inevitable reunions from 2004 onwards
They also have their own TV Reality show Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On which says it all really

Not to be confused with Wilson Pickett

Wilson Phillips - It's Only Life

Wilson Phillips - Give It Up


  1. Chynna Phillips (those bloody hippy parents have a lot to answer for when it comes to names for their kids but I will make an exception for Frank Zappa because he always knew best and Dweezil doesn't seem to mind) was almost as gorgeous as her mum. The music? Not for me, I'm afraid. What was the name of their biggest hit? Can't remember it now.

    1. I could have remembered if you hadn't asked directly...the second I tried to think about it...a Taylor Swift song popped into my head.

      Chic...while I admire your willingness to help the needy by buying bad CDs...stop it. :)

    2. Erik and I were chatting about the addictive nature of purchasing books, CDs etc. Usually I am reasonably selective but sometimes I just buy any old rubbish. It is sometimes difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff. Tomorrow's post contains both

    3. SB - I've absolutely no idea.

  2. I just want to say that I love your accent!

  3. As a charity shopaholic, I have to admit that buying stuff can be totally addictive. I am currently in a big charity shopping phase but have been fortunate to pick up some great bargains. Other times, I will buy any old crap for a larf. Mrs. Bear doesn't larf, though. It's a constant recycling job - out the shop door, enjoy for a while at home and back in the shop door again. At least they benefit financially. Of course, I don't send it ALL back - which is why our house is overflowing with my junk.

  4. My fandom for Brian Wilson didn't reach to Wilson Phillips, but I did like a couple of moments from his children. In 1997, Carnie and Wendy did an album with a tiny bit of help from Brian called 'The Wilsons.' Most of it is pretty awful, but "Monday Without You" and the Brian Wilson-Tony Asher composition "Everything I Need" (with Brian sharing vocals) might be worth a listen to die-hard fans. The best song I ever heard from any of the the girls you're highlighting is a song called "Fantasy Is Reality/Bells of Madness." It was done by Brian and Carnie with Rob Wasserman on his 'Trios' album in the early '90s. The vocals are outstanding. Here's a youtube clip: