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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Some Sunday Soul

It is 1979 and the Disco Revolution is in full flow with interest in and sales of traditional soul music plummeting.
So what is a Soul diva to do? Become a Disco diva of course!
Travelin' in the Wright Direction by Betty Wright is far removed from the likes of her early hits Clean Up Woman and Baby Sitter.
There are a few mellow moments including the two tracks featured here and a nod or two to disco and the club sounds.
The album cover is definitely a nod to disco!

Bought in a St Andrews bargain book shop who seemed to have a job lot of similar records from this era.
It was only today that  I noticed this was a promotional copy with a sticker saying  Yorkshire Television Music Section which might go some way to explaining the job lot.

Betty Wright - You're Just What I Need

Betty Wright - Love Is


  1. Betty is one of my all time favourites although I agree with you that - with the exception of "Love Is" - this wasn't one of the high points of her career. She is still going strong and I was lucky enough to see her in a small venue with a full band about 18 months ago. Great show.

    By the way, I need a quiet word with you about your recent appropriation of the phrase "surfer of the zeitgeist"...

  2. On the one hand, flattered that you thought it a phrase worth using. On the other, devastated that you applied it to someone other than me. I have spent the last few days in tears.

    1. If I had any Humble Pie tracks I would feel obliged to post one

  3. I'm unfamiliar with anything this late from her, though these are nice.

  4. Wasn't aware that she had been a disco diva, but both these tracks are pretty good. Vocally she still sounded great..

  5. Really enjoyed 'Just What I Need'. The groovy little synth motif is particularly fetching and the mini instrumental break left me wanting more. Nice vocal on 'Love Is'. Would like to hear the uptempo stuff, being a bit of disco fan, as unlikely as that may seem.