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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Nancy Boy

I never really got into Placebo.
The only record of theirs that I have is the 1997 single Nancy Boy.
The fourth single from their self titled debut album it reached the dizzy heights of number 4 in the UK singles charts.
Like many of their songs it centres around drugs,sex and bisexuality although this is the slightly watered down radio edit
I have part one of a two CD set and I am sure that their cover of Bigmouth Strikes Again will curl the toes of many a Smiths fan.
Whilst doing my "research" to this post I was amazed as to their longevity and to their success over the years. They slipped off my radar many moons ago.

Placebo - Nancy Boy (Radio Edit)

Placibo - Bigmouth Strikes Again


  1. I always liked Placebo, still do. 'Teenage Angst' was my introduction to them, and a fine song that remains. Their recent stuff is more than half decent too, but as they're no longer fashionable it's not that surprising they're overlooked these days.

    And I'm always unsure why people are so precious about Smiths songs being covered...

  2. After a great run of singles (and two pretty good LPs) between 1995-99, they pretty much fell off my radar too, though I heard a few tracks from the latest album, 'Loud Like Love', in 2013, which sounded desperately poor to these ears. Nice to hear 'Nancy Boy' again, but they should've left 'Bigmouth' well alone!

  3. Could quite happily live without that cover of Bigmouth. I used to go out with a girl years ago who was a huge fan but they never really rocked my boat. In saying that Nancy Boy does still sound surprisingly good...