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Sunday 13 November 2022

Albums on both CD and Vinyl - Pontiac


This one has jumped the queue a little.
I've had a vinyl  copy of Pontiac  (on MCA) the 1987 second album by country/jazz/swing singer Lyle Lovett for years.
Then the other day Mrs CC came in from a jaunt to Troon with the CD version.

Rather than giving you a potted history of Mr Lovett's career I shall refer you to his contribution to my No Depression series.

Fortunately Pontiac appeared prior to his jazz/swing phase when he was one of the early Americana pioneers.

Probably the most well known song on Pontiac is If I Had a Boat  which first crossed my radar on the 1988 New Horizons 2 compilation album which is well worth having. After all that you are not getting that song as it has appeared here before on more than one occasion!

Instead here are three more songs from the former Mr Julia Roberts.


  1. Your first track will feature on vol 199 but the next two were w disappointment. Is it an album seldom played?

    1. Played it relatively recently for No Depression series which was the first time in a while. If I had a Boat is a very good song. I like L.A. County

  2. I've been listening to this record quite a bit lately. Some fine tunes.