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Wednesday 23 November 2022



2022 Charity Shop Purchases #76 - Algiers - Algiers

The name Algiers rang a slight bell and as it was in among those in BRICC in Ballantrae that I was hoovering  up I decided to take a punt after a little bit of heeing and hawing given I wasn't familiar with their music.

It turns out that the are an American- English post punk band based in Atlanta who according to Wiki play dystopian soul due to its somber mood, afrofolk inspired vocal approach, and heavy emphasis on atonal textures

Algiers is their 2015 self titled debut album from 2015 on the Matador label. They have since released a further two albums The Underside of Power in 2017 and There is No Year in 2020.A record called Shook is scheduled for release in February next year.

Back to the debut album and Thom Jurek from Allmusic waxes lyrically thus Algiers, both band and album, offer musical and topical intensity alternately malevolent and passionate in searching and affirming truth, human and otherworldly. All of these seemingly disparate historical musical elements are distilled in such a startling manner, they carve something new from the fragments. This is a stunning debut.

I can sum it up much more succinctly - it is a right load of old tosh. It's a racket but unfortunately not a splendid racket.

A second listen hasn't persuaded me.It's going back

Algiers - Remains

Algiers - But She Was Not Flying


  1. this might be right up my street

    1. No, it's a right load of old bobbins

  2. Dig those atonal textures, daddio!

  3. I'll have it CC if you don't want it. Algiers are great.

    1. You are welcome to it SWC.Send me your details

  4. Of the two reviews offered here, I'm with yours rather than Allmusic's. Not my cup o' tea.

  5. Never heard of them. And you did a rubbish job of persuading me to give them a listen!