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Saturday, 19 November 2022

Townes Covered - Waiting Around to Die


It seems that the sub-par Lee Hazlewood vocals (© Ernie Goggins) of Stuart Staples were a big hit with the ladies and of course JC

After a slow start, when it looked as though Townes was going to romp it,  Tindersticks put up a belated fight with their version of Kathleen to make the final score Townes 6 Tindersticks 3.

On the overall table Townes is still on course for a whitewash with a lead over his competitors of 3 to 0.

Up until now all the cover versions have been fairly faithful  to those of Townes. This week we are trying something different with the Canadian Americana band  The Be Good Tanyas coming up  with a stripped back (if Townes can be stripped back!), banjo driven version of  Waiting Around to Die. This is taken from their  second album Chinatown  which was released in 2003 on the Nettwerk label.

Excellent though it is my vote is  once more going to Townes for his sadly all too prophethic original. Others,of course, may choose to differ.

The Be Good Tanyas - Waiting Around to Die

Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around To Die


  1. I differ. Be Good Tanyas

  2. Townes for me please, and I won't make any comparisons between the Be Good Tanyas and Nancy Sinatra

  3. Townes this week for me. I love the girl's voice in TBGT but it just didn't ring true that someone with such a sweet voice would have had such a tough life. With Townes it feels authentic.

  4. I like the BGTs, but this one has to be Townes.

  5. I've been waiting around to hear this cover - I hoped you'd include it! The BGTs has a special place in my heart, I was smitten with the Chinatown album some years ago and as I heard their version first without even being aware of the original at the time, they'll get my vote.

  6. I'd not heard either version before now. I like The Be Good Tanyas take, but it's Townes Van Zandt for me.